6 Sex Worker Inclusive Heel Brands You Need To Know

Updated: May 12

Whether you're a seasoned stripper, professional performer, or a pole dance enthusiast, you're probably always on the lookout for a shiny new pair of platform heels.

Since starting my dancing career in 2015 I have been experimenting with different platform heights and designs to figure out what works best for me when I'm working at the club, performing on stage or dancing on my home pole.

In recent years it's become even more important for me to not only support sex worker owned / inclusive brands but to also invest in a pair of heels that will stand the test of time.

Like many others, I was becoming frustrated with the decreasing quality of the heels that I was buying and I decided that it was time to start searching for alternatives.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of heel brands that were not only sex worker owned or inclusive but who were also very passionate about their product quality.

So, If you're searching for a gorgeous new pair of high quality heels, this blog post is for you!


Drag Pole Shoes is a trans owned business created by Dolly AKA Bimbonatrix. They originally started out in the hair industry in 2009, creating wigs for sister company Dolls Head Wigs (celebwigs.com) and later began creating pole and fetish boots after discovering that many of their clients were in need of larger shoe sizes. Drag Pole Shoes are an all inclusive brand and create heels for a wide range of people including: drag queens, sex workers, performers and pole dancers. They are no stranger to the world of drag conventions and often have stands at the likes of DragWorld and RuPauls Dragcon. The company also have a small showroom located in Oxford UK and offer worldwide shipping. You can check out their website here or find them over on Instagram. (Grab yourself a discount today by using AVA15 at the checkout).

"The pole and fetish boots were developed as many of our clients wanted larger sizes and I formulated the kind of shoes I wanted to wear and supply".


By ChaCha is a small business based in Malaysia which designs and produces handmade platform heels with love.

The owner, ChaCha has great respect for the stripping community and fell in love with pole dancing after taking their first lesson with a stripper in 2018. The company started designing a variety of heels that cater to a wide range of sizes and styles after noticing that some dancers were limited when buying from more mainstream brands. They are also very passionate about supporting animals in need and donate a portion of their profit to a Malaysian stray dog shelter monthly. All custom heels are made to order and you can find out more by contacting them over on Instagram: @BeSpokeByChaCha

"Everyone in the pole community deserves to have great shoes at a reasonable price."


King Jane was created a couple of years ago by two friends, Lindsay and Aya. They both shared a dream of producing a great quality shoe for both sex workers and sex worker adjacent people. The creators believe in making affordable, comfortable and high quality products that look great and are designed to last. King Jane are also passionate about spreading awareness of FOSTA/SESTA and sex worker rights and believe that one positive way to do this is by creating more ethical businesses within the sex worker community. You can check out their heels over on their website and follow them on Instagram here.

"We believe, sex workers of all types deserve as much thought and care in their products as any other specialty job."


Ellie Shoes state that they are 100% supportive of sex workers and explain that they use the term "Sexy Community" to describe their wide rage of customers which include fetish, boudoir, dancers and performers. Ellie have a huge range of shoes and offer pumps, platforms, sling backs, peep toe and boots with heel heights ranging from 3-8 inches. They are also openly supportive of sex workers on social media and regularly repost images, art and stories from the sex working community. You can follow Ellie Shoes on Instagram here and check out their range of footwear over on their website.

"We are inclusive of all, especially sex workers. I mean... we make stripper shoes.”


Pole Baby is a UK based company created by an ex-stripper with first hand experience in the sex work industry. They strive to be an all inclusive brand by listening to the voices of POC , LGBTQIA and SW communities and actively use neutral pronouns when communicating with their customers. The brand explains that they much prefer sharing their customer photos on their Instagram page rather than uploading photos just because they look aesthetically pleasing. Pole Baby also strives to make a change within the sex work community and have previously designed bags to raise money for the Sex Worker Mutual Aid Fund.

All shoes are made to order, you can find out more by heading over to their website.

"We want to include and share all of our customers and make everyone feel heard and that is the aesthetic of our brand."