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I am Madame Posh

Good Day Beautiful People! My name is Madame Posh, my pronouns are she/he, I am queer asf and Black asf!

I am so THRILLED to be invited as a blog contributor for NovaCaine Dances and I am honored to be invited to collaborate with such amazingly talented folx in the industry.

I am a very blunt kind of Lady, so let’s skip the small talk and get right into my background in the stripper and sex worker industry.

I started waiting tables in my first strip club at 19, in Dallas, TX. It was the premier club in the city at the time and I was able to observe the cultural, hierarchy and game of the industry.

A few months of seeing the dancers do, what I thought at the time, was less work: they got to come into work later, leave earlier, they made more money and seemed to have more power; I convinced my managers to let me go as a server and started stripping.

Over the next decade I would learn lesson after lesson, constantly evolve my hustle to society norms and current culture trends, tried to balance what society called a “normal job” with my erotic nighttime hustle. The club kept a roof over my head and food on my table, when I encountered sexism and racism in my “normal jobs.” And as a dark-skinned Black Woman in the South, that was often.

When I wouldn’t get the raise, I deserved in my marketing manager position for a Fortune 500 technology company, I would pick up an extra night at the club and internally laugh as I made twice the amount of my day job's monthly salary in one night. There were difficult times, insecurities, relationships blossomed and fizzled, friendships grew and imploded, money rained and there were droughts; but I REGRET NOTHING!

I learned some of my life’s most valuable lessons, in the club.

I met some of the most amazing women, in the club.

I discovered amazing parts of myself, in the club.

I learned what motivates people and truths about how society works, in the club.

I developed compassion and empathy for individuals, in the club.

I learned how to protect my energy, protect my body, and protect my mind, in the club.

And all those experiences are a vital part of who I am now.

And who is that, you ask?

NOW, I am a Texas based Lifestyle & Professional Mistress, a Rope Bondage Artist and Rigger, Event Producer, Activist, Adult Content Producer and aspiring Director, whose projects and organizations focus on creating better spaces for marginalized communities, particularly BlPOC’s folx; focusing on representation and advocacy for sex-workers and the LGBTQIA+ community.

After retiring from the stripper industry about 5 years ago, I found the BDSM Community and Kink Lifestyle, developed my skills and launch myself as a Professional Dominatrix, Bondage Educator and Lifestyle Coach. I used all the interpersonal knowledge and hustling skills that I learned from the club, invested in my own personal growth, and discovered who I really am, continuing to provide a service that is in high demand while taking more ownership of my own labor.

BUT I would have never been able to navigate to where I am now without those strip club experiences. Without the two veteran strippers that took me under their wing, I wouldn’t know how to vet high value clients. With out my three closest friends through those years, I never would have learned the truth about hustling in this game. With out some of the racist managers and marginalization, I would never be the advocate I am now.

And so, you get a little more of my personality here are some quick facts about me:

• I am a proud nerd! DC over Marvel, any every day. “This is the way.”

• My life goal is to be a film and documentary director and Christopher Nolan is my favorite director.

• My favorite color is black. (I am a punk goth queen, to my dark black heart.

• I am an INTJ (MBTI Personality) and an Aries

• I have a horrible sailor mouth.

• My favorite movies are Sense and Sensibility, Lucky Number Sleven, TENET, and The Truman Show.

• Dance to me is my deepest meditation.

• Favorite food, sushi. REAL sushi, sashimi. No rice, nothing fried and about 3 bottles of sake.

• I am a cannabis enthusiast.

I can’t wait to share club stories, tips and tricks, knowledge, and experiences with all of you!

If you every have questions about anything I talk about on this blog, please feel free to reach out to me at madameposh17@gmail.com

Much love and blessing,

Madame Posh


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