So You Want to Get Into Sex Work...

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I can't recall how many times I've seen the "I'm thinking of starting an OnlyFans account" in many of my Facebook groups and subreddits. I'd like to roll my eyes but I think about it for a second and see this as a valuable learning opportunity for (most likely) civilian or non-sex workers wanting to get into sex work.

Oh wait. Sex work?

A lot of the individuals I've given advice to fail to see that an OnlyFans is work. The thought of making a "quick buck" is appealing for those who think that selling a few nude videos and pictures on a website is easy. What they fail to acknowledge is that the job is bigger than that. There is a lot of backend and administrative work to gain financial success on online platforms.

The marketing, growing and attracting your following, filming and shooting your own content, editing and watermarking said content, scheduling content to ensure consistency, responding to fans and followers, collaborating with other sex workers, filtering through messages - it can be non-stop work. You have to be your own PR person, marketer, bookkeeper, HR team, legal, and more. You are essentially running your own business and I'm sorry to say it, but a business will only succeed if you put work into it.

Because it is sex work, are you okay with the potential repercussions if your content gets out?

  • Are you okay with your child or partner finding out about what you do?

  • What will your family think about you?

  • Are there ways to avoid a confrontation?

  • Can you navigate around it?

  • Will your civilian employer terminate you if they find out?

  • How will you protect your content?

  • What are your personal boundaries? Do you have any at all?

This is just the tip of the iceberg but are things that need to be considered before you even get started.

So...the next time you want to "get into sex work", ask yourself these questions and consider sex work as a legitimized profession because sex work is work.

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