Stripping Down Sex Work

It's finally great to have another sex worker-focused platform easily accessible by sex workers, allies and civilians. Resources for sex workers can be scarce unless you are outwardly looking for it and are involved in private groups on Telegram, Facebook, Discord or on subreddits. So, thank you Nova for providing this platform to give us a voice.

I'm Steph Sia, the host of Stripped by SIA, a sex worker podcast with an aim to destigmatize the sex industry. I provide a cohesive approach to unveiling all sides of sex work through the lived experiences of strippers, service providers, clients, sex educators, and producers. I interview a new guest every Sunday as we dismantle the way society has viewed sex workers and give raw and real accounts of the injustices we face in our chosen profession.

I am a sex worker. A former sugar baby, stripper, and kink-friendly digital content creator with 8 years of experience in various realms of sex work. I started this podcast to educate fellow sex workers and civilians on the challenges we endure in this line of work through an unbiased and transparent lens. Through my podcast, I have had the unique opportunity to guest lecture in universities and sex education festivals and reach people who may not have been exposed to this line of work. It is so important to communicate in an uncensored narrative and to unveil what is currently happening in our industry.

I am truly excited to be contributing to this platform! You can expect articles from me on the following topics and how they relate to sex work:

- Social injustices

- Fetishes

- Strip club cultures

- Safety protocols

- "Exotic" dance

- Pole dance instruction

- Colonization

- Women's rights and bodies

- BIPOC issues

- Sugaring

- Misrepresentation

- Employment labour laws

- Global sex work

Happy to be here.

- S

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